Want fresh herbs?


I love summer, because with summer comes gardening…as a kid we had A HUGE garden. After all my Mother grew up in the depression and they moved from the city to the country to be “self sustaining”. And what better way than to grow your own fruits and vegetables, and then can or freeze them to enjoy them later?

But…to be honest with you…its been a couple of years since I had a “real garden”. Which kinda bums me out, but the reality is I’m kinda an over acheiver (I’m sure if hubby dubby were reading this he would be rolling his eyes about now), and if I can’t give it 100 percent…then I’ve learned not to do it. Between my family and family business obligations, the garden has kinda been on hold…but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh HERBS!

So this is one of the two herb “pots” I have in a sunny spot on my patio.

Here is my second herb “pot”.


Here’s the wisdom I can give you about herbs in pots:

  • Plant them in a “big enough” pot where they don’t dry out too fast and the roots won’t get root bound.
  • Experienment with herbs, see what you like, even if you’ve never cooked with them before.
  • Put the pot where it is either watered by the “sprinkler” or in an easy place for you to water. But make sure it doesn’t get overwatered either.
  • Put the pot where it is easy for you to grab herbs from it when your cooking. It defeats the purpose of having the fresh herbs if the pot is inconvientient and you won’t go outside to pick from it.
  • If the herb starts to go to seed, or flower…just cut it off. You can see that my basil needs the “flowers” cut off.
  • As you use your herbs, spread the cutting around. That way the herb will put out new growth.

At the end of the season, I just leave my pots outside. The annual herbs like thyme, oregano and parsely will die away in the cold, but at least in my region, the tarragon, chives, rosemary and sage will come back the next year.



One response to “Want fresh herbs?

  1. J. Kathleen Cheney

    My oregano has taken over my side yard, but it does smell good ;o)

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