Got mint? Make Mojitos


Summer is definitely here and to me nothing is refreshing like a tall, cold Mojitos. That and the fact I have a plethora of mint… Check it out….this mint started on the other side of the fence.


Mojitos are this wonderful concoction of lime, mint, sugar, rum and club soda. I had my first Mojitos in Florida a few years back and I’m hooked. I usually ONLY drink them in Florida….until I figured out how to make them at home….by the pitcher… Yee ha!

Here’s the recipe:
10 limes quartered
30 or so fresh mint leaves
3/4 cup superfine sugar
2 cups white rum
1 liter chilled club soda


Wash the limes before you start.
Quarter them and then squeeze them into a large pitcher. Dropping the limes into the pitcher.




Once all the limes are in the pitcher, add the mint (I usually tear them in half before I add them), and the superfine sugar.
If you don’t have superfine sugar you can make your own by putting granulated sugar in a blender and whirling it until it turns into a fine sugar.



With the handle of a wooden spoon, stir in the sugar, while muddling the mint. It’s like you are trying to “push” the mint into the limes and dissolve the sugar at the same time.

Now it’s time for the rum! Add 2 cups…more or less as you prefer…


Stir well.
At this point you have options:
You can chill it and serve later, or add some ice and serve it now.
You can add the club soda directly to the pitcher, or you can put ice in glasses, fill about half way with Mojitos mixture and top with club soda….either way….you will find them delicious and that they disappear rapidly……And please always drink responsibly



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