Quick Summer Dinner


Who said a quick summer dinner has to be boring food on a plate?

Today I went to the farmers market…it was AMAZING….
I bought tomatoes, little cukes, and some great vinaigrette.
I bought some other goodies too but they don’t apply to this story.

We had a late lunch, the Texan , aka hubby, and I so I didn’t get hungry until late…I wanted to make something light but still yummy…
Hmmm…what do i have?….tomatoes, cukes, a small ball of fresh mozzarella, some basil, some sliced cold baked chicken, some sliced Italian cheese, a couple of strawberries, grapes, and a nice ripe white peach.
So I slice everything up…arrange it on a pretty plate…answered “yes” to hubby’s question are you making it froo froo? ( at least I’m consistent)
Drizzle the new vinaigrette I bought over everything but the fruit. Drizzle white peach balsamic over the fruit, a little salt, a little pepper, pour some white wine…
Viola dinner served!



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