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Quick Summer Dinner


Who said a quick summer dinner has to be boring food on a plate?

Today I went to the farmers market…it was AMAZING….
I bought tomatoes, little cukes, and some great vinaigrette.
I bought some other goodies too but they don’t apply to this story.

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Tri-fecta Fruit Cobbler


One of my favorite things to do in the summer on Saturday mornings is to go to my local farmers market. When I was there this week the peaches and fresh blueberries looked so yummy. As a girl growing up in Wisconsin, we ate a lot of cobbler. But it was almost ALWAYS a single fruit, like apple, or blackberry, sometimes peach.

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Got mint? Make Mojitos


Summer is definitely here and to me nothing is refreshing like a tall, cold Mojitos. That and the fact I have a plethora of mint… Check it out….this mint started on the other side of the fence.

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Brown rice bowls


Where to begin? Being new to the blog world I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading other blogs. One of my favorites is Simply scratch she has inspired me to be more conscious of “processed” foods. In addition, I’m trying real hard to be more fit by working out and eating “better”. So yesterday I was going to work on my “blog” but first I was hungry so I thought I would make some “lunch”. I have noticed when I eat brown rice versus white rice I enjoy the texture more and feel fuller longer. So I decided to make a rice bowl. (I’ve been making and eating rice bowls for years). I had a packet of quick cooking brown rice, the boil in the bag variety. Now, I know, it’s NOT the same as the real thing, but it takes a lot less time to cook and it’s still brown rice which has many more nutrients than it’s white counterpart.

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